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We are your trusted property buyer's agents, dedicated to helping you find the perfect property that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you're looking to purchase a home or an investment property, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We are your trusted property buyer's agents, dedicated to helping you find the perfect property that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you're looking to purchase a home or an investment property, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.


We protect your interests using instinctive negotiation skills to keep the price right and terms reasonable.


Over 65% of our purchases for clients are never advertised, so you get to the best properties before anyone else.


Our tailored strategy sessions allow us to uncover your wants and needs, budget, and lifestyle so we can streamline your house hunt.


We follow your dreams, but overcome emotions to ensure you don’t get carried away and be tempted to overpay for a property.


At Valmika, we pride ourselves on being a data-driven buyer's agency, committed to delivering informed decisions and optimal results for our clients. With a deep understanding of the Sydney real estate market and access to comprehensive data analysis, we leverage insights to guide our clients towards the best property opportunities. Our data-driven approach ensures that we provide personalized guidance, backed by market intelligence, empowering you to make well-informed decisions with confidence. Trust us to be your strategic partner, utilizing data to unlock the potential of your property journey in Sydney.


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Who Our Clients Are

From family home buyers to interstate & international home buyers to investors

we have the right experience & qualifications to suit all of your needs.


Let our buyer's agency take away the daunting and time consuming task of finding your family home. We handle the complexities, from market research to negotiations and paperwork, saving you time and ensuring a smooth transition to your dream home. Trust us to guide you, so you can focus on creating beautiful memories with your loved ones.


Buying ‘Site Unseen’ is often logistically challenging and high risk. By taping into our existing networks on the ground, you’ll gain immediate insider access to on or off marketing properties that are aligned with your expectations and brief.


It’s all about the numbers, and with over a decade of property deals and experience under our belt, we’re well placed to keep you ahead of the property market and introduce you to advanced wealth creation strategies

Buyer's Agent Service

Trust our buyer's agency to streamline your property search, negotiate the best terms, and ensure a seamless buying experience. Let us be your partner in finding your ideal property and maximizing your investment potential. Our Services include:

Personalized Property Search: Tailored property search based on your specific needs and preferences using our powerful data driven AI technology.

Time and Effort Savings: Saving you valuable time and effort by handling the legwork and complexities of property purchasing.

Market Research and Analysis: Utilizing comprehensive data and market insights to identify the best opportunities.

Property Evaluation: Conducting thorough evaluations to ensure properties meet your criteria and investment goals.

Negotiation Expertise: Leveraging our negotiation skills to secure the best possible deal on your behalf.

Due Diligence: Conducting and Project Managing in-depth assessments and inspections to ensure the property's condition.

Transaction Management: Assisting with paperwork, contracts, and coordinating with other parties involved.

Professional Network: Access to a wide network of industry professionals, including lawyers, inspectors, and lenders.

Peace of Mind: Providing you with confidence and peace of mind throughout the buying process.

Maximizing Opportunities: Leveraging our expertise to uncover hidden gems and investment potential in the market.


Q: Why should I hire a buyer's agent?

A: Hiring a buyer's agent provides you with expert guidance, market knowledge, and access to exclusive opportunities. We handle the complexities of the buying process, saving you time and ensuring you make well-informed decisions.

Q: How do your services save me time and effort?

A: Our buyer's agency handles the time-consuming tasks such as property searches, research, paperwork, and coordination. By entrusting these responsibilities to us, you can focus on other aspects of your life while we streamline the buying process for you.

Q: How do you find properties that meet my criteria?

A: Our buyer's agency employs a personalized approach. We thoroughly understand your needs, preferences, and budget, and utilize our extensive network, market research, and data analysis to identify properties that align with your requirements.

Q: Can you assist with negotiations?

A: Absolutely! Negotiating is one of our core strengths. With our experience and understanding of the market, we strategically negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible terms, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

Q: Do you offer support beyond the purchase process?

A: Yes, we provide comprehensive support even after the transaction is completed. From post-purchase assistance to property management advice, we aim to be your long-term partner in maximizing the potential of your investment.

Q: How do you stay up-to-date with market trends and opportunities?

A: Our buyer's agency is deeply committed to staying ahead of market trends. We continuously analyze data, monitor market movements, and maintain strong industry connections to provide you with the most current insights and opportunities.

Q: Can you help with due diligence and property inspections?

A: Absolutely. We conduct thorough inspections and Project Manage the due diligence process to ensure the property meets your requirements and adheres to legal and structural standards. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Meet Our Team

Jean-Paul Da Costa

Chantal Da Costa

With a distinguished background as an Investment Banker in the institutional space, Jean-Paul brings a wealth of expertise in principal investments within the real estate industry. Having honed his skills as a professional institutional investor, he now applies this sophisticated approach to empower everyday individuals with the techniques and strategies employed by industry experts. With his unique perspective and extensive experience, Jean-Paul is dedicated to providing clients with unparalleled insights and a competitive advantage in their property endeavors.

With a background as an Attorney representing clients in the institutional property investment space, Chantal brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, as she meticulously understands the unique needs of her clients and the application thereof. With Chantal's expertise, you can trust that every aspect of your property journey will be handled with precision and care. She is dedicated to ensuring your success and guiding you towards the perfect property investment.

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